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I help women get pregnant naturally and enjoy a healthy pregnancy, empowered birth and peaceful postpartum.

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Take the mystery out of your fertility

Natural Fertility Masterclass 

Discover the 5 questions you need to ask when trying to get pregnant naturally and learn what impacts pregnancy after miscarriage, how to overcome secondary infertility, and how to boost fertility in your 30s. 

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Nourished to Flourish

This holistic, self-paced online program will teach you everything you need to know about balancing your hormones, boosting your fertility, having a healthy pregnancy, and how to go into birth and postpartum prepared, confident, and at ease.

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Core Offerings

Take the Overwhelm Out of Pregnancy Planning


Pregnancy & Birth Toolkit Bundle

This bundle includes 22 of my top digital pregnancy and birth downloads including our popular birth plan template, midwife interview questions, baby registry checklist, and postpartum checklist that’ll have you feeling ready for anything.

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“I looked at a ton of birth plan templates online and actually ended up using yours because it was the one that answered the most while still not having unnecessary details on there. I’ve definitely used the hospital bag packing list & diaper bag lists too off the top of my head - but I usually download all of the options for a unit because it does help a ton when you’re going through it. “

Cheyenne B, USa

“I got to use your interview questions for a new midwife today. They were so helpful!! Thank you for taking the time to include them.”

Katie, Alaska

“Thank you - love the support and motivation. I printed the birth and labor section and it's actually packed in my hospital bag at the moment!”

Katie, UK


Pregnancy Planning Freebies

to support you through preconception, pregnancy and postpartum 

Pregnancy Foods Guide 

Discover which foods you need to boost your fertility, nourish you and your baby and replenish your nutrient stores and aid in postpartum recovery. 

Pregnancy Foods Guide 

Prenatal Supplements Guide

Are you wondering which fertility supplements or prenatal multivitamins are right for you?  Learn everything you need to know and how to save the most money with this guide.

Prenatal Supplements Guide

Postpartum Recovery Guide 

We don’t always set mamas up for success after baby comes. That’s why I put this guide together so that you know how you and your loved ones can support you in your 4th trimester and beyond. 

Postpartum Recovery Guide 

Discover the Course NOw

Learn how to build a foundation for your health and wellness that will impact you, your kids, and even your future grandkids!

The healthiest pregnancies, babies, and mamas
begin before you even get pregnant. 

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