Have you been trying to get pregnant and starting to ask yourself…

“Why am I not getting pregnant?”

“What can I do to get pregnant naturally?”

“I had no problem getting pregnant the first time. Why am I having trouble now?”

“I can get pregnant but keep miscarrying. Why?”


you will learn...

Common reasons for secondary infertility or recurrent miscarriage and what to do about it

How your monthly cycle and hormones impact your ability to get pregnant naturally

How the fertility awareness method can help you know when to have sex to get pregnant

Your partner’s role - get the 411 on male fertility. 

How to boost fertility in your 30s (and beyond!) with nutrition and daily lifestyle habits

This masterclass will leave you feeling more confident and empowered about what you can do today to boost fertility, overcome secondary infertility and get pregnant naturally. 

Hey you, I'm Kelly Jo!

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, lover of tacos & slow living

I'm a mama of 2 kiddos earth side and one angel baby. And I'm passionate about helping women heal and get pregnant after miscarriage. 

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while - I know it can be really discouraging, especially if you’ve miscarried or your doctor’s told you your only option is IUI or IVF. 

My doctors told me I couldn’t have kids and I struggled with hormonal imbalances, thyroid and gut issues into my mid 20’s. It wasn’t until I learned how to read the story my body was telling me and support my health at a foundational level that I was able to get pregnant naturally. 

I believe that can be your story too!


“Kelly Jo has walked alongside me through the darkest days of recurrent pregnancy loss. Her expertise, along with her authentic and compassionate care, provided me with tools that have brought healing not only to myself but to my family as well. Her knowledge and passion is endless! 


As we thought about starting a family we wanted to make sure we’re healthy but honestly, didn’t know where to start. We felt overwhelmed by our lack of knowledge and oftentimes defeated by short term diets. Kelly Jo has changed our whole perspective of what a healthy lifestyle looks like…


“I'm not sure I could have got through the last few months without you and your beautiful classes - they really are a powerful tool that I will be recommending to all my mama friends.”


Naturally Fertility Masterclass

Frequently Asked Questions

What is secondary infertility? 

It’s a term defined as the inability to conceive or carry a baby to term after previously giving birth.

I was told to do IUI or IVF? Is it still possible to get pregnant naturally? 

Yes, It is! Everything you’ll learn in this class will help you to conceive naturally and/or support and increase your chances of a successful IUI or IVF conception. 

I’ve had recurrent miscarriage, can you really help me?

I’m so sorry mama. It is possible to have a healthy baby after pregnancy loss and we cover what things greatly impact your ability to sustain a healthy pregnancy and how to support your body. 

I’m trying to get pregnant for the first time, will this class help me? 

Yes! Everything we cover will be practical and beneficial for you too! 

How long after a miscarriage can you try again?

I recommend waiting at least 3 months. What I teach in this class will help you to recover and prepare your body for trying to get pregnant again. 

Do you talk about male infertility?

Yes! I discuss this in the masterclass.