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Nourished to Flourish

Your go-to online fertility, prenatal, & childbirth class

So you can get pregnant naturally, have a healthy pregnancy, and thrive in motherhood.


“Working with Kelly Jo has been so empowering for my husband and I.”

As we thought about starting a family we wanted to make sure we were healthy but honestly, didn’t know where to start. We felt overwhelmed by our lack of knowledge and oftentimes defeated by short term diets. Kelly Jo has changed our whole perspective of what a healthy lifestyle looks like. We’re so thankful for her and how her coaching has impacted our lives and future.”

Olivia Reeves

Photographer & MAMA OF 2

Do you relate with any of these?

You want to grow your family and give your body the best support possible

You’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while and worry something’s off

You’ve been told you have “unexplained” or “secondary infertility”

You’ve spent hours Googling about fertility but feel more confused than ever

You’re spending or about to spend thousands of dollars on fertility treatments

You can get pregnant but keep miscarrying and don’t know what’s wrong

You just got pregnant and are overwhelmed by all the decisions you need to make

You’re pregnant again and want to do things differently this time


Having a holistic blueprint of steps you can take today to have that family you dream of 

Feeling calm, confident, and connected to your body and baby

Experiencing less pregnancy complications, a smoother labor, and more energy postpartum

Knowing what daily lifestyle choices will set you and your kids up for a healthier future

Not Just “Another Fertility Course”

This on-demand prenatal class walks you through preconception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Bringing together ancient wisdom and modern evidence-based research, I give you my proven blueprint of simple daily lifestyle changes you can make to overcome infertility, feel confident and empowered in pregnancy, and prepare for a radiant birth and postpartum


Nourished to Flourish


“We loved Kelly’s natural approach to fertility + pregnancy + postpartum care.”

As someone with a pre-existing medical condition that I knew would require some level of intervention with the pregnancy + birth process, I was truly looking for a balance between educating myself on what I knew my body was designed to do naturally, and finding the level of intervention in care I knew that I would be comfortable with.



Get Nourished To Flourish In Every Stage Of Motherhood


Learn how to balance your hormones for fertility, know how to track your cycle and when you’re most fertile, how nutrition, environment, and lifestyle factors impact egg and sperm quality, what labs to draw, what professionals you need on your team, and how to move to the natural rhythms of your body. 


Get a step-by-step plan for each trimester, overcome your pregnancy symptoms naturally, know that foods, nutrients, and supplements are right for you and baby, discover how to lower risks of pregnancy complications, and what to expect at each prenatal appointment. 


Build the right birth team for you, discover water and natural birth, learn what to expect in labor like laboring positions, breathing techniques, potential interventions, and how you can have as smooth a birth as possible - whether you’re planning a hospital birth, home birth, C-section, or VBAC. 


Discover the beautiful transition of becoming a mother and be prepared so you can enjoy your new baby and this transformative season even more. Learn how to get the support you need, help your body recover faster with natural remedies and nutrition and care for your new baby.

What You'll Get In This Online Prenatal Class

9+ Hours of Video Lessons
Preconception Course Workbook
Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Course Workbook
Prenatal Supplement Guide
VIP Private Community 
Monthly Live Q&A calls
Lifetime Access

Bonus: Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum Toolkit of 22+ Checklists, Planners & Downloads

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"I chatted with a doula today and afterwards realized that you’ve really been like a doula to me just online."

 Honestly, Nourished to Flourish is such a great resource I've gone through it during both my pregnancies.

 I feel understood by my midwives and they see how I'm making informed decisions regarding my birth! And I’m getting excited for birth time now😅

Gine glover

Massage Therapist & MAMA OF 2

Unit One

Foundations for Fertility, Pregnancy, & Postpartum Recovery

Discover a holistic framework for your health, how your menstrual cycle works and how to track it, the effects of hormonal birth control on your fertility, and how to balance your hormones naturally.


Foundations for a Healthy Pregnancy
Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle
Learn The Fertility Awareness Method
The 411 on Hormonal Birth Control
Welcome & Pick your path

See What’s Inside The Course

Unit Two

Preparing for Conception + Pregnancy

Learn about the power of epigenetics, how to boost your fertility and egg/sperm quality, which professionals can support you and what labs you'll want to run at each stage of your pregnancy.


The Power of Epigenetics
Establishing Your Support Team
Labs For Each Stage of Pregnancy
A TTC Roadmap for You & Your Partner


Nutrition & Gut Health

Find out which foods and nutrients best nourish your body and baby, the role gut health plays in your fertility and how to support it, ways to detox your body safely and balance your blood sugar.


Macronutrients for Mom & Babe
Micronutrients for Mom & Babe
The Gut Hormone Connection
Drainage & Detox: Why it’s Key
What’s the Deal With Sugar?


Protecting Your House From Toxins

Discover the importance of cleaning up harmful toxins in your home, nursery, and beauty routine w/practical room-by-room guidance & curated collections for a cleaner, safer home on any budget.


Why Reducing Toxic Load Matters
Cleaning Up Your Home & Nursery
Upgrading Your Beauty Routine


Stress, Sleep & Matters of the Heart

Get equipped with practical ways to support your sleep, emotional + mental wellbeing naturally and learn how to ask and receive the help you need to thrive throughout motherhood.


A Quick Heart to Heart
Support Your Emotional Well-being
Natural Ways to Support Quality Sleep
Permission To Be & Heal


I’m Pregnant, Now What?!

Congratulations, mama! Not sure what's next? We've got you covered! This unit is all about getting comfortable with your changing body, baby and getting a step-by-step guide for each trimester.


I’m Pregnant, Now What?
Getting Comfortable with Your Body
What to Expect Your 1st Trimester
What to Expect Your 2nd Trimester
What to Expect Your 3rd Trimester
When to Call Your Provider
Navigating Pregnancy Symptoms Naturally


Birth Prep & Newborn Care

Learn the ins & outs of birth, pain management, the 411 on interventions, and how to prepare for a great labor + delivery! This unit prepares you for baby’s arrival and those first 72 hours.


Your Last 30 Days Leading Up to Birth
What to Expect During Labor
Easing Pain & Comfort Techniques
Medications & Interventions
Your First 72 Hours with Baby


The Birth of a Mother: Planning Your Postpartum Recovery

Be empowered in your new role as a mother and discover the seven areas that will help you recover fully, regain your strength and transition into motherhood with beauty and grace.


The Birth of a Mother
Preparing For Your 4th Trimester

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“Kelly Jo has walked alongside me through the darkest days of recurrent pregnancy loss. Her expertise, along with her authentic and compassionate care, provided me with tools that have brought healing not only to myself but to my family as well. Her knowledge and passion is endless! 


Full of all the ah-has I never knew I needed – from how my hormones work to the importance of treating my health as both an emotional and physical priority. There’s so much knowledge, compassion, and intention poured into every single unit, it’s impossible to go through Nourished to Flourish and not walk away changed and empowered to live life healthier, happier, and more hopeful.


“I'm not sure I could have got through the last few months without you and your beautiful classes - they really are a powerful tool that I will be recommending to all my mama friends.”


After Nourished to Flourish, You Will...

Learn how to track your cycle and how your hormones, blood sugar, and gut health impact your fertility + health

Feel more deeply grounded in your purpose and role as a mother

Know how to make smart choices to create a healthier, happier life, body and home

Be prepared for each trimester of pregnancy

Understand your delivery options and feel empowered to bring your baby safely into the world 

Pregnancy Toolkit

Hormone assessment
form Printable cycle tracker
Prenatal & TTC supplement guide
Male fertility roadmap

Preconception Toolbox


Plus you get all these bonus digital downloads!!


Birth plan template
What to pack in your hospital bag
Home birth prep checklist
Ways to support & comfort a laboring mom
Baby registry planning checklist
Diaper bag essentials cheat sheet

Birth Toolbox

What to ask when choosing where to give birth
Establishing your birth team guide
Prenatal care provider interview questions
Doula interview questions
Prenatal appointment timeline
1, 2 & 3-trimester checklists
Daily habits to thrive in pregnancy cheatsheet

Postpartum Toolkit

Postpartum preparation & planning checklist
Things to discuss with you partner before birth Pediatrician interview questions

What Women Are Saying About Nourished To Flourish...

Meet Your Fertility & Birth Coach

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, 
Lover of Tacos & Slow Living

I'm a mama of 2 kiddos and one angel babe, natural fertility specialist, and childbirth educator and I'm passionate about helping women heal and get pregnant after miscarriage.

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while - I know it can be really discouraging, especially if you’ve miscarried or your doctor’s told you assisted fertility is your only option.

My doctors told me I couldn’t have kids and I struggled with hormonal imbalances, thyroid and gut issues into my mid 20’s. It wasn’t until I learned how to read the story my body was telling me and support my health at a foundational level that I was able to get pregnant naturally and have two beautiful out-of-hospital births!

I believe that you too can grow the family of your dreams!

This course will give you amazing insights and support so you feel confident and empowered at each stage of pregnancy, whether you’re just starting to try or already have a newborn in your arms. 

With that said, the biggest impact will be for those that want to get pregnant for the first time or want to get pregnant again. What we teach supports your health + fertility, gives you confidence throughout your entire pregnancy, and helps you recover fully, while setting up your kiddos and grand kids with the healthiest start possible!

Yes! The content we teach is foundational to anyone’s health and will benefit men and women, whether you’re pregnant or not. In fact, if you’re not pregnant yet, you’ll want your partner to apply some of the lessons you learn to boost the health of his sperm. 

We’ve designed several lessons with your partner in mind – how to foster healthy communication in a relationship so you can be best supported and how to free up an extra $500 - $1000 to help fund your wellness priorities. This course will be a gift to your partner as well as you! 

Kelly Jo is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association and has partnered other multiple doctors, OBGYNs, midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, therapists and other professionals to make this course possible. She’s also a happy, loving mama and wife who spent much of her career caring for vulnerable women and children all over the world. 

Yes, we do! You can get it right on the check out page. As of right now we only offer gift cards on the full price course option. We also have a scholarship program that enables you to gift the course to women in need or who have walked through pregnancy loss. 

In most cases, yes. The exact answer will require you to contact your flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA) or health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) administrator, but in most cases childbirth classes (which are included in our course) are usually a covered expense. 

Sometimes your plan administrator will ask you to provide a letter of medical necessity (LMN) which you can ask for from your doctor or midwife at your next visit.

You’ll get access instantly in your email as soon as you checkout. The course is self-guided, so you get full access and can go at your own pace. 

If you dive into the material and decide this isn’t your cup of tea – just let us know! We’ll refund your full investment within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked.

We can’t guarantee you’ll have a perfect pregnancy, but if this course isn’t for you, we can give you a full refund.


money back guarantee

Join us inside Nourished to Flourish and start building the foundation for your happy, healthy pregnancy + life!


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