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Becoming a mother is one of the greatest transformations you’ll go through. Whether you’re TTC, pregnant or already have kiddos, motherhood is a wild ride full of peaks and valleys, tears and joy that we aren’t meant to walk alone. 

The Nourished Motherhood Collective was created for you to find support and connection with other women on the same journey. Through our online course, podcast, 1:1, coaching and community we’re all about helping you enjoy motherhood more, find health through a root-cause approach and remind you that you’re loved along the way. 

An encouraging, empowering space for women at every stage of motherhood

Whatever you’re facing - there’s HOPE!

And here’s the cool thing: hormonal imbalances, fertility challenges, thyroid disease, sleep issues, fatigue, brain fog, depression, anxiety, skin issues and digestive problems are not something you have to live with.

Most chronic disease isn't because of our genetics but is linked to our environment + lifestyle. This is great news, because many of our health concerns both physically and emotionally can be radically transformed. 

By supporting your body at a cellular level (the root level) - through nutrition, lifestyle choices, daily habits I believe you can create more energy and margin so you can stay grounded and connected to the things that matter to your heart. 

We offer simple and practical tools for your health that not only support your hormonal health, fertility, pregnancy and birth outcomes and postpartum recovery, but give you a roadmap so that you continue to become your healthiest self in the years to come.

Severe PMS or irregular cycles

TTC for 3 months (or more) or were told IVF is your only route

Overwhelm in pregnancy and want a guide to help you

Burnout and wondering when your energy will return

Health issues that make it hard to be a present and fun mom

Are you experiencing…

Women are the carriers of life. By nourishing women through every stage of motherhood, we can radically transform the health and hope of future generations.

The Nourished Motherhood Collective exists to create a space where women don’t have to walk alone and have access to education, resources and support that empowers them to thrive individually, and cultivate a healthy family. 

Our Mission + Vision

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I’m a wife, a mama to a vivacious 4-year-old girl and one chill baby boy as well as one angel baby, who I'm incredibly excited to meet one day. 
Eight years ago I felt miserable. Fatigue, overwhelm, brain fog, debilitating digestive issues and intense PMS were my norm. After months of tests and doctor appointments I still had no answers, was told everything looked “normal” and was out $20k. 
Determined to get to the root of what was going on, God led me to a naturopathic doctor who helped steer me in the right direction. I started to get some answers. I found out I had Hashimotos, lots of gut stuff like SIBO and Candida, I had low progesterone, I needed to detox and that my past traumas were also contributing to health issues. This set me on a path of changing many of my lifestyle habits to support my wellbeing at the root level, creating space for healing so I could live wholeheartedly, and studying to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with an emphasis in functional medicine.

Before trying to get pregnant for the first time, I knew I might have a rocky start because of some of my health issues, so I prioritized my own healing. I couldn't believe how much better I felt by focusing on my nutrition, environment and daily lifestyle habits. I was able to get pregnant easily and naturally, have an amazing pregnancy and a smooth and easy birth.

However, it wasn't until I miscarried while trying for our second child, that I began to see just how much of a need there was to help women heal their metabolism, balance their hormones, get pregnant + sustain healthy pregnancies and how to recover, heal and thrive after their babe is born. 
Supporting women from preconception to postpartum is now my main focus and because I can only work with a handful of women each month, I created Nourished to Flourish which is a self-guided program designed to equip you with everything you need to get pregnant, have a healthy pregnancy and plan your postpartum so you can fully recover, regain your vitality and enjoy these precious years with your little one.  
I’m so excited and grateful to be a part of your motherhood + wellness journey and I want to say a big WELCOME to you in this space! 


Hi! I’m Kelly Jo –
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner + the founder and heart behind the Nourished Motherhood Collective!

healing holistically through a root-cause approach

discovering God's design for motherhood + wellness.

practicing whole-hearted living, rest and gratitude in my day to day

walking with other mamas in their journey

I'm super passionate about...

— Stephanie

Kelly has walked through many difficult life transitions with me from career changes to motherhood. She has celebrated victories with me and she has walked alongside me through the darkest days of recurrent pregnancy loss. Her expertise, along with her authentic and compassionate care, provided me with tools that have brought healing not only to myself but to my family as well. Her knowledge and passion is endless! Our family is forever grateful for the information, tools, healing and community we have experienced with the Nourished Motherhood Collective

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