Hey, I’m Kelly Jo

I believe that becoming a mother is one of the greatest honors and privileges a woman could have.

This community was born out of my own desire to become my healthiest self and start a family in the midst of feeling like crap and being told I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant. If you're ready to get pregnant and thrive in motherhood now, then you’re in the right place.

This space is dedicated to helping you grow the family you’ve always dreamed of, enjoy motherhood and become your healthiest self in the process.

I’m here to help you cut through the confusion and give you transformative tools to help you optimize your fertility and conceive naturally, have a beautiful pregnancy and birth, and thrive in motherhood. 

I’ve learned personally that a fertile body is a healthy body and true healing comes when we move beyond just treating symptoms.

Instead of merely looking at my digestive, thyroid, and hormonal issues, I had to evaluate my health (& fertility) as a whole person: spirit, soul, and body. This led me to make several lifestyle changes: what I ate, the products I used, who I spent time with, making space to heal from past trauma and lingering wounds, and even what I fed my heart and mind through what I watched and listened to. This wholehearted, whole-person approach transformed not only my physical health but helped me get pregnant easily, heal postpartum and find joy and presence in motherhood. 

Get to Know Me 

Born & raised in Alaska, we now split our time between the Far North and the Caribbean

I’ve always felt most at home by the sea. It seems that our little crew can’t get enough of that fresh, salty air. Whether we’re spending summer days picking berries and harvesting wild sockeye salmon in Alaska or enjoying the sunrise and slow simple mornings from our hammocks on our small jungle island, we strive to be present and to live with intentionality, embracing and enjoying the mundane moments of it all. 

What I'm


This last year has been next level when it comes to seeing the world through my kids’ eyes and I’m here for it! I’m also loving less screen time, more books, and late afternoons as a family at the beach.

What I'm


All things homeschool and Charlotte Mason! Learning how to cultivate spiritual practices such as rest and contemplative prayer into my daily and weekly rhythms. And expanding my understanding of women’s health from a cellular or metabolic perspective. 

What I'm

NOT about

Not every woman’s path to motherhood is linear & there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to our health, fertility, and motherhood. Let’s champion one another, leaving behind the judgment, mom-shaming, & cancel culture. 

What I


When a child is born so is a mother. Motherhood is one of the most important rights of passage a woman could experience and is also an invitation from God into something more… 

Come Hang With Me 

Join me on YouTube where we explore health, fertility, childbearing, and motherhood in a holistic way so you can stop chasing symptoms, get to the root, and start living fully.

And tune in to the Nourished Motherhood Podcast and read the blog for encouragement and inspiration as you learn from fertility, pregnancy, and birth experts and hear stories from women just like you. 

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"Becoming a mother leaves no woman as it found her.  It unravels her and rebuilds her.  It cracks her open, takes her to her edges.  It's both beautiful and brutal; often at the same time." 

-Nikki McCahon

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Wondering how to clean up the products in your home? 

Evaluating and upgrading the products I used was one of the first things I did to balance my hormones and support my fertility. And after hundreds of hours of research, I might be a bit of research nerd when it comes to making a purchase. 🤓

I never want you to think you need any of these items and I have had plenty of seasons of going without to stay within our budget. 

But if you’re curious what types of skincare, supplements or food items have made the cut or you’re just looking for mom and kid stuff. Then you’ll want to check out my favorites here.


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Our Mission + Vision

Women are the carriers of life. By nourishing women through every stage of motherhood, we can radically transform the health and hope of future generations.

The Nourished Motherhood Collective exists to create a space where women don’t have to walk alone and have access to education, resources and support that empowers them to thrive individually, and cultivate a healthy family. 

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