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truth be told…

Pregnancy can be overwhelming…

Whether you just found out or are on the home stretch, feeling stressed and anxious can take away from the journey of becoming a mom. 

This bundle will empower you to thrive through pregnancy and prepare for your dream birth experience. The resources provided not only save you time researching, but will give you confidence and peace of mind with the decisions you make along the way. 

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Find yourself googling this?

I'm pregnant…now what?

How do I find the right midwife or OB for me?

I feel XYZ…is this normal?

What do I need on my baby registry?

How do I prep my partner for birth?

What should I pack in my hospital bag?

This bundle answers all these and more!

what if you could…

Have a step-by-step plan for each trimester

Know how to find the right professional you & your baby needs

Be packed, prepped and at peace long before your baby comes

Discover daily habits to shed anxiety and feel your best this pregnancy

See what's inside this ultimate
Pregnancy & Birth Toolkit

What's in the Pregnancy Toolkit?

A step-by-step action plan to guide you through each trimesters

Questions for interviewing your OB or midwife

Questions to interview and pick the right doula for you

A guide to establishing the right birth team

Questions to ask when choosing a hospital or birth center

A daily habits guide to thrive throughout your pregnancy


“I looked at a ton of birth plan templates online and actually ended up using yours because it was the one that answered the most while still not having unnecessary details on there. I’ve definitely used the hospital bag packing list & diaper bag lists too off the top of my head - but I usually download all of the options for a unit because it does help a ton when you’re going through it. “

Cheyenne B, USa

“I got to use your interview questions for a new midwife today. They were so helpful!! Thank you for taking the time to include them.”

Katie, Alaska

“Thank you - love the support and motivation. I printed the birth and labor section and it's actually packed in my hospital bag at the moment!”

Katie, UK


What's in the Birth Toolkit?

A complete Birth Plan worksheet you can fill out

What to pack in your hospital bag checklist

A home birth prep checklist

A guide to support and comfort you while in labor

Baby registry planning & shopping guide checklist

What to pack in your on-the-go diaper back checklist


Plus get these postpartum resources!!



Postpartum Prep & Planning Checklist

Know exactly what you need at home to support your postpartum recovery and nest ready for you & your babe. 


Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Birth Exercise

Getting on the same page as your partner before you give birth is super important - this pdf will help you do that.


Finding a Pediatrician Interview Questionnaire

Not sure how to find the right doctor for your new babe? This resource will empower you to do that.

Hey you, I'm Kelly Jo!

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, lover of tacos & slow living

I'm a mom, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and childbirth educator with a passion to help women like you thrive through every stage of motherhood.

Pregnancy can be a magical journey or really stressful. Or both all at the same time! 

I believe that the more you know and better prepared you are - the less anxious you'll feel and the more you can enjoy the journey. 

That's why I put together this amazing toolkit so you can feel more confident, ready and at peace during your pregnancy and while healing postpartum. 

I'm so grateful you're here and to be a mama in your corner!

Why you'll love it!

It's Practical
It has everything you need without the stuff you don't.

It's Printable
You can print the pdfs for appointments or put them in your bag. 

It's Empowering
You'll feel less stressed and more present to welcome your babe.

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