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Our community is dedicated to helping you enjoy increased fertility, healthy preconception and pregnancy, safe delivery, and vibrant postpartum life. 

We provide women with education, support, and resources designed to help you – and your family – thrive. 

We believe your journey into motherhood begins the moment you decide you want to be a mom. 

Whether you’re dreaming of being a mother one day, actively trying to start your family, in the midst of fertility challenges, or raising a baby or two… the Nourished Motherhood Collective is for you. 

Motherhood is magical. It’s full of fun, laughter, adventure and joy.

It’s also exhausting, messy, loud and stretching beyond belief. We all struggle, we all doubt ourselves, and we all crave connection and community. And we don’t have to go it alone.  

We’re thrilled you’re here. Come explore, learn, connect, and grow with us.

Welcome to the Nourished Motherhood Collective

This guide will help you prepare your body to get pregnant, carry new life and give your baby the healthiest start possible. 

Plus, discover the 90-120 day preconception golden window that can radically transform the health of your kids and grandkids. 

5 things you can do to Improve your fertility & Help you get pregnant


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The Nourished Motherhood Collective is for women at every stage of motherhood – from preconception through postpartum and beyond.

We hope you see yourself, your desires, your values, and your dreams reflected here, because we see you…

Dreaming of becoming a mama one day, even if you’re not sure when that will be.

Feeling a little nervous (totally normal!) about starting to try to conceive.

Grieving from a loss that you never expected and feeling alone in your pain.

Struggling to get pregnant and feeling like you’re failing this whole mom thing before it ever begins.

Pregnant and glowing, anxious about bringing a new human into this world and so ready for all the snuggles.

We created this space for you


Surviving those first weeks of motherhood, exhausted and overwhelmed and so consumed by this new love and identity. Knee-deep in poopy diapers and never-ending renditions of Baby Shark, wondering if you’ll ever feel like yourself again, soaking up the joy of toddler life.

We created this community for you. 

To help you grow deeper roots and become more grounded in your new role as a mother.

To help you connect with other women to support and encourage one another.

To provide a safe space for deep, meaningful healing for your body, soul, and spirit. 

We want you to explore our resources, connect with this community, and feel more connected and aligned in every area of your life, so you can be fully present to experience the joys of motherhood.

We want to provide the tools you need to help you make simple swaps and gentle changes to move toward a healthier, happier life. 

We want to support you in your physical, spiritual, and emotional health and wellness. 

There’s no judgment, no shame, and no pressure around here. You’re welcome just as you are.

— Olivia Reeves, Two & Yonder Photography

As we thought about starting a family we wanted to make sure we’re healthy but honestly, didn’t know where to start. We felt overwhelmed by our lack of knowledge and oftentimes defeated by short term diets.  Kelly Jo has changed our whole perspective of what a healthy lifestyle looks like. She is packed full of knowledge and is such a good teacher. She explains things in ways we feel empowered to take action, and knowing the WHY behind the choices we make are making it so much easier to achieve our health goals. She is so encouraging and someone I trust. We’re so thankful for her and how her coaching has impacted our lives and future.”

“Working with Kelly Jo has been so empowering for my husband and I.”

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