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I teach women how to get pregnant naturally, have a healthy pregnancy, prepare for birth and thrive in motherhood.

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Hey, I’m Kelly Jo!

I’m an NTP and natural fertility specialist and I’m here to support you from preconception through postpartum.

I want to help you...

get pregnant naturally 

have a healthy, vibrant pregnancy

experience the birth of your dreams

and enjoy motherhood more

Are you ready to ditch the overwhelm and get the support you need today?


What My Fertility Coaching Clients Are Saying

As we thought about starting a family we wanted to make sure we’re healthy but honestly, didn’t know where to start. We felt overwhelmed by our lack of knowledge and oftentimes defeated by short term diets.  Kelly Jo has changed our whole perspective of what a healthy lifestyle looks like. She is packed full of knowledge and is such a good teacher. She explains things in ways we feel empowered to take action, and knowing the WHY behind the choices we make are making it so much easier to achieve our health goals. She is so encouraging and someone I trust.
We’re so thankful for her and how her coaching has impacted our lives and future.”

— Olivia Reeves, Two & Yonder Photography

The Only Online Fertility, Prenatal, & Childbirth Class You’ll Ever Need 

With 9+ hours of grace-filled, evidence-based video lessons and 2 course workbooks, this on-demand prenatal class will help you overcome infertility, have a healthy pregnancy, and prepare for a radiant birth and postpartum. 

Plus get access to our private community and get to know other mamas just like you.


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Natural Family Planning & Preconception Masterclass

Trying to conceive or improve fertility but not sure what to do next? Take the mystery out of your fertility and get the answers you need today to grow your family.


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Whether you’re planning for pregnancy, prepping for a home birth or just want some encouragement, you’ll find it on my YouTube channel. 



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Meet Your Fertility & Birth Coach 


I'm a mom of 2 kiddos and one angel babe, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, natural fertility specialist, and childbirth educator with a passion to help you thrive in motherhood.

If you…

have been told you have unexplained or secondary infertility

are confused why you’re not pregnant yet and unsure what to do next

had a hard pregnancy or birth and want to do things different this time

want a holistic, natural and whole-person approach to your health and motherhood

Then you’re in the right place! And I want to help you get pregnant naturally and enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

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“Kelly Jo has walked alongside me through the darkest days of recurrent pregnancy loss. Her expertise, along with her authentic and compassionate care, provided me with tools that have brought healing not only to myself but to my family as well. Her knowledge and passion is endless! 


Full of all the ah-has I never knew I needed – from how my hormones work to the importance of treating my health as both an emotional and physical priority. There’s so much knowledge, compassion, and intention poured into every single unit, it’s impossible to go through Nourished to Flourish and not walk away changed and empowered to live life healthier, happier, and more hopeful.


“I'm not sure I could have got through the last few months without you and your beautiful classes - they really are a powerful tool that I will be recommending to all my mama friends.”


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Tune in to fertility, pregnancy, and birth experts and hear stories from women just like you. 

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